Calling herself a Neo-Regionalist, Nora Othic currently resides in Brookfield, Missouri. Working in oil, pastel and watercolor, Othic's style is always representational. She notes, "The subject is never the subject; a painting of two houses is more about placing geometrical shapes next to organic ones and a watercolor of a country road is actually an arrangement of values and colors.” Her paintings reflect her lifestyle and focus on the ordinary aspects of life, exploring the relationship between humanity and how we interact with our environment. Humor is a constant undercurrent of Othic’s work, elevating everyday objects and scenes to an iconic status almost Pop Art in nature.





Nora Othic returns to Sager Braudis Gallery in the June Exhibit, revisiting animals as her subject matter, long-awaited by her collectors and admirers. Othic has felt an important connection to farm animals since childhood, seeing them as a bridge between humanity and the natural world. To be around animals, she feels, is to fulfill a yearning for something in artificial, and to answer a deep human need. Every year, Othic makes a trip to the Missouri State Fair to take reference photos for her paintings. Not only are the animals (prime examples of their breeds) available for close-ups; they are shampooed, brushed, clipped, and polished to perfection, so that painting of them becomes iconic as well as descriptive.


2015 Late Summer Exhibit